As a follow-up event to the THAIdentity NIGHT, the Thai Embassy invited to an exclusive PRIVATE VIEWING at the premises of MEISTERSTRASSE HANDMADE🫱🏻‍🫲🏼
Fine fabrics, good craftsmanship and a touch of the exotic – four fashion designers from Thailand, whose roots lie deep in the Thai craft and textile tradition, were guests in Austria: MARIONSIAM, KRAM PHON, RIVA and SIRINTRA 🇹🇭

In addition, KORAKOT, a shooting star of Thai interior design, visited us 💫
He makes his lamps, lampshades and architectural objects from bamboo or hemp rope using traditional techniques he learned from his grandfather 👴🏻
He now employs almost an entire home village with projects that can be found in hotels, restaurants and flagship stores around the world 🌍

Sinh Sinsamut from Sri Sang Dao, the world’s best rice, invited us to a private rice cooking where we could learn the perfect preparation of the precious grain 🍚
Thank you for your visit!