Sri Sang Dao is fully committed to the best of all best rice varieties: the endemic „Hom Mali Rice“, which has already won the „World’s Best Rice Award“ 7 times and was the first Thai product to be registered as a protected designation of origin in the EU🇬🇧

This particularly fine, delicate fragrant rice variety is also treated with special care by Sri Sang Dao. By reducing the number of rice grains in direct sowing, more yield is generated, contrary to the usual cultivation method, because more space is given to the individual plant 🌾
In Sri Sang Dao’s unique rice mill, the rice grain is treated with special care so that every single grain reaches the cook and customer clean, clear, bright and beautiful 🥰

We are proud to make this product, considered by many to be the best rice in the world, available online in the MEISTERSTRASSE webshop 🥳

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